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6" Bullet Blue Hat

6" Bullet Blue Hat

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This is the Aku (Skipjack), Shibi (Young Tuna), Mahimahi candy!  A very productive head that does work.  When summer time passes and all the big tunas are gone, this is the lure to run to put blood on the deck. 

For a very basic looking shape there is a lot going on.  The keel weighted insert is just enough weight to give that slight side to side motion.  This is one of the few shapes that I make that is able to accomplish this type of swim look.  I prefer to run it in a long to medium long position. 

This isn't a big lure but it definitely pulls some world class fish for sure.  Like they say elephants eat peanuts. 🤙 

Head Weight: 1.5oz

Skirted head: 3oz                                                     

Total head length: 2.25"                                                                     

Skirted length: 6"


*We cannot always guarantee skirt colors depending on availability.  If we are out of a particular skirt we will try in the best of our ability to replace with another great option. 🤙 

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