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7" Slant Ghost Blueberry Hat

7" Slant Ghost Blueberry Hat

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7" Slant Popper!  This shape was designed because of my love for poppers.   I was looking to add 1 more smaller popper lure to my arsenal of lures and I came up with this design.  Lets just say this is the wild child of my 7" poppers for sure.

I try to design all of my poppers to have a nice chug every 7-10 seconds as long as its placed on the right spot of the swell.  This one totally goes against everything I had in mind for my other poppers.  It doesn't have that heavy chug but more of a skip like a fleeing flying fish.  But that skip is followed by a dive with a crazy bubble trail and swim.  When running it long I has an extremely wide swim, so make sure its one of the furthest lures out so it doesn't jump over the other lines.  If you are looking for some commotion in your spread this head will not disappoint!

Head Weight: 3.5oz

Total Head Length: 3"

Skirted Lure Length: 9"


*We cannot always guarantee skirt colors depending on availability.  If we are out of a particular skirt we will try in the best of our ability to replace with another great option. 🤙 

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