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5" Save The Day (STD) (2 Pack) Bullets

5" Save The Day (STD) (2 Pack) Bullets

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Included is a Purple Hat and Ice Pink Pearl.

This is the perfect 2 lure combo for chasing aku (skip jack) or shibi.  These have been a great success for my boat this season with getting us some loads of fish.  Before the release these were only made for close friends to try out to make sure they would work.  After proving themself time after time its finally ready for its first limited release for you guys.  

They run really great short or long.  On really windy days 20+ knots try not to run them really long, the will have a chance to jump over other lines and tangle your spread.  Keel weighted to always run upright they will have a little pop every 8-10 seconds.  Recommended to be trolled from 5-8 knots. 

Head Length: 1.3"

Head Weight: .55 oz

Release Dates: 2/2022


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