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9" Jetted Scoop Obake Blue

9" Jetted Scoop Obake Blue

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9" Jetted Scoop!  This shape was totally inspired by in my opinion one of the great old school lure makers of Hawaii, "Kobash!"  His lures have always inspired me.  I loved how his heads always had deep scoops on them that would really turn up the water. 

When designing this head I was almost at the point of giving up, I couldn't get it to run the way I imagined it in my head.  I had the shape down but perfecting the lead insert to make run just right was a feat in itself. After about 6 months of changing leads and moving them around I would say I was finally able to get what  I was after.  This is truly one of my favorite shapes to run.  From short too long, this is a perfect all around head.  The heavy-ness of the head makes it a great popper to run in some of the roughest of conditions.  The jets accent the beautiful pop and give it and unbelievable bubble trail.  When running it long you can see the bubble trail coming down the face of the wave!  With all my poppers I try to make a head that will pop at an interval of 1x every 6-10 seconds.

Head Weight: 4.4oz

Skirted Head: 6.5oz

Total Head Length: 2.75"

Skirted Length: 10"

 *We cannot always guarantee skirt colors depending on availability.  If we are out of a particular skirt we will try in the best of our ability to replace with another great option. 🤙 

Release date:

7/2022, 12/2022

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