Friday June 14th, 12 PM HST!

For Fishermen by a Fisherman!

"Never trust a lure maker that doesn't fish!"

Put your trust in us and we wont let you down!  I put my lures to the test weekly by putting fish on the deck. Each lure is a hand crafted piece of art to bring the fish in.



Who is Morris Lures

A one man lure operation based out of Mililani, Hawaii. I started off making lures in early 2007.  The main goal was to never turn it into a business.  The goal was to make something that works better than everything else.  Lots of trial and error, with thousands of hours spent in the beginning making lures that would hold up to my standards.  This is the key to my lure making success, and still the standards I keep today.  For every 5 new styles I make I might put one into production. If it doesn’t run good or preform how I want, you will never see it on my website.  The lures I sell are the same lures I run on my boat. Each lure that leaves my shop has nothing but good karma and positive vibes behind it. My goal as a lure maker is to help you hook the fish of a life time. Good luck and tight lines. 🤙