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7" Reverse Jet Blackberry Pearl Hat + wings

7" Reverse Jet Blackberry Pearl Hat + wings

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Runs deep and comes to the surface every 3-10 seconds to grab air.  The further back the deeper and longer the dive. 6 sided Hexagon lead shape with a very heavy keel weight makes it run true.  The scoop in front helps it to dig and stay down.  Its an oversized 7" could easily be used as a 9".

I had an original reverse shape about 10 years ago that was really good.  I wanted to design something that was just as good if not better.  This idea of a head was made 3 different times with the final 3rd attempt being exactly what I wanted.   After 4 months of working on I can't say how impressed I was with the way it ran.  Definitely one of my new favorites now. 🤙 


Head Weight: 6oz

Total head length: 3.5"                                                                     

Skirted length: 9.25"


*We cannot always guarantee skirt colors depending on availability.  If we are out of a particular skirt we will try in the best of our ability to replace with another great option. 🤙 


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