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9" Jet Ice Blue (Monster Matt Special)

9" Jet Ice Blue (Monster Matt Special)

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Its more of an oversized 9" lure and  a little closer to a small 12".  Great all around head from short corner too long this lure loves to attract fish.  

Originally this was a 1-lb lure.  But after running it numerous times it didn't preform how I had wanted it too.  After reducing the weights about 4 different times I would say i've finally have gotten it to run at the top of its game.  The double barrel jets on the top provide a great smoke trail but also help to keep the lure keel weighted which is at the utmost importance with all of my heads.  The heaviness of it makes it a great lure for really rough and windy conditions and also for high speed trolling.

Head Weight: 7oz

Skirted head: 9oz                                                     

Total head length: 4"                                                                     

Skirted length: 11.25"


*We cannot always guarantee skirt colors depending on availability.  If we are out of a particular skirt we will try in the best of our ability to replace with another great option. 🤙 

 Release Date:

6/2022, 12/2022

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